Orders will only be accepted by the designated buyer for the customer account, unless prior notice is provided and accepted by CITYLAB USA Inc.  Wholesale accounts may not resell or distribute CITYLAB products to other commercial buyers without prior approval.

All wholesale account applications must be submitted online, by e-mail or by fax.  Responses to account applications may take 1-3 business days.  Walk-in account applications will not be accepted.

Wholesale accounts are subject to termination at any time at the sole discretion of CITYLAB USA Inc., due to prolonged periods of inactivity, inability to provide timely payment for orders, or any other reason.



Wholesale prices are made available only to approved wholesale accounts.  Prices are non-negotiable and standardized for all customers and volumes.  Wholesale prices are subject to change at any time without notice.  Updated price lists will be distributed by CITYLAB to approved wholesale accounts by e-mail.


All accounts must provide valid payment methods at the time of order.  Payment can be made in cash of United States Dollars, credit card and debit card.  Company checks may be accepted at the sole discretion of CITYLAB USA Inc.  Credit terms may be available to approved accounts through Hana Financial Inc. on a Net 30 basis, at the sole discretion of CITYLAB USA Inc.

Failure to provide valid payment methods at the time of order may lead to cancellation of the order by CITYLAB USA Inc., in addition to termination of the wholesale account.


CITYLAB USA Inc. ships all orders through UPS Ground service, but may accommodate use of customer shipment accounts or customer directed freight shipment.  All shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the customer, or collect to customer, in the case of customer directed shipping methods.  Orders generally ship on a same-day basis provided orders are submitted, confirmed and paid by 2:00 PM EST.  Alternatively, customers may pick up orders at our warehouse during normal business hours.


All returns and/or exchanges are subject to our Return Policy.